1. Creating Innovative Technologies

  2. Designing Custom Software

  3. Building Advanced Systems

Taking a Different Approach to

Simple Solutions & Innovative Technology
IMCOR Technologies is a software design, consulting and management company. As an objective design firm we are able to find the optimal solution and manage the installation process within the clients' budget.

What We Do

  1. Software Development
    IMCOR's experienced team of developers design intuitive applications for your needs
  2. Mobile App Development
    Built for any platform, customized for any user, and integrated with any app
  3. IT Services
    From installation to maintenance, our engineers handle all of the back-end needs required
Why IMCOR Technologies?
Finding the best technology solutions and IT services for your home or business is our specialty. Our team will work with you to create practical budgets, engineer systems customized for your needs and visualize a complete scope of your project.

How We Do It

We do it with teamwork, ingenuity, and precision.
  1. Study
    We take time to understand your goals, expectations, and business requirements.
  2. Plan
    We collaborate to design the optimal user experience.
  3. Develop
    We use Dynamic Systems Development Model (DSDM) methodology for development process.
  4. Optimize
    We perform usability tests, identify bugs and refine design.
  5. Launch
    The app is ready for the App Store.
Elegantly designed, intuitive, and efficient software systems
IMCOR's experienced engineers develop custom software for any platform or environment.  Whether it’s mobile app development for iOS or Android, customer-facing or for business use, IMCOR has you covered.