Our Services
Constructing quality solutions out of the most demanding information technology obstacles
  1. Mobile App Development
    We create apps for Android and iOS! Proximity Beacons, Augmented Reality, Geo-Location Notification Systems and much more.
  2. Location-Based Tech
    Location-based technology is popular among mobile apps. IMCOR's experienced team can unlock your business' potential for Events, Locations and Products.
  3. IT & Server Security
    We work to build secure environments on any scale. We can help ensure your server is protected against attacks and our team can help setup your infrastructure to support heavy traffic spikes. This translates into higher productivity and less time spent troubleshooting.
  4. Cloud Services
    Store your media content and data on the cloud or CDN system for secure private or public network sharing and quick content delivery. Use our cloud services for your business, web, and app needs to reach users around the globe.
  5. Consulting
    Our expert engineers can answer your questions and help develop your concepts and products. We are your personal technology concierge and are committed to keeping you informed on the topics most important to you.
  6. ECommerce
    Ready to bring your business online? Our experts can assemble everything you need from shopping carts to shipping systems. We're here to make the process simple and stress free.

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